My Job Experience

Earlier, i was worked in a few companies. First in a company of event organizer, i work there just for a few weeks, and then i was moved to the bigger company. This company moving in the field of service charge and improvement of the ATM machine for some Banks in Indonesia, in particular the Banjarmasin and the surrounding areas. The first i was worked as a Driver, and then as Replenishment staff or Restocker, and the last as Scheduler. Every day dealing with a lot of money . I work there for one year.

I apllied for a job  in a mining company’s PT. Adaro Indonesia. Probably i’am a little crazy, because from what i was as employee tried to expertise in mining coal.

I’ve been very comfortable working as an employee of PT. Swadharma Sarana Informatika, moreover already trusted by the coordinator. Even for resign, i have to wait for three months until it approved. Because it’s always been in custody by a boss he don’t want to lose me.

After i’ve been resigned, I was worked in a mining company, working with some of the experience and skills that i have. i still have to wait about a week to get into the company, because i have to get permission to work in the company ( mining permit card) and also medical check up from doctor. I was put in workshop Hauling Road Adaro Indonesia km.35. I was worked as a welder and mechanic for trailer. At first i want to be an operator the trailer or prime mover, but had not yet been achieved. I was worked in a mining company for half a year, until finally i decided to stop and resign, because that is too hard for me.

Thats just a little bit about the experience of my job, until then i went to college in here, in UNISKA BANJARBARU, faculty of social and political science, the study communication science.

Please recorrect my grammar


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